Writing Services

Cain Wilson’s Associate of Science in Interactive Media has prepared him for the world of journalism and his nearly completed Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing has made his creative skills flourish as well.

Cain Wilson offers writing services with accessible, fair prices.

Sensitivity Reading

Cain Wilson offers sensitivity readings on the following topics: depression, anxiety, adhd, invisible illness ( Fibromyalgia ), transgender topics (FtM), and demisexuality. Readings will be intimate and personal—I am unafraid to point out when you are doing something problematic, but also unafraid to tell you when you’ve written something well. My base price is 0.004 per 10,000 words. There is a flat fee of 40$ for anything less than 10,000 words. A basic sensitivity reading covers a single read through and one round of follow up questions. Readings will take around 4-8 weeks depending on the length of your piece.


Book Reviews

If you want a thoughtful, intimate review of your work then look no further—I specialize in queer literature, but I also love reading horror and historical pieces. For an example of my reviewing style look here. I charge a flat fee of 45$ for a 500 word review. Reviews will take around 4-8 weeks to complete depending on the length of the book.

Writing Commissions

I offer writing commissions for both poetry and prose—the prices differ depending on what it is you want me to write. I am comfortable writing topics including lite erotica, abuse (non-romanticized), queer issues, trans issues, et cetera. I am willing to write about your original characters, fandoms I am familiar with, and more. If you are interested in writing commissions for you, please email me for a free consultation!

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